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"As Simon Sinek covers in his book, Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Action, knowing your "why" is critically important in life. It is this focus that Ricky Frank employs to help artists/enamelists understand why they are doing something. He then guides students to build on their "why" as they execute their "what" (jewelry/vessel/wall piece) and "how" (enamel & metal techniques). - Cullen Hackler, student and board member Enamelist Society "

What if Neflix did Enamel?

Do you want to take that next step in your enamel education? Watch and learn with Ricky Frank as he shows you the many layers of learning which he has taught himself along his own personal “enamel quest”. It’s not a class with step by step tutorials; it’s a video library.The videos explore the many challenges we face as enamel students and artists: not only the many possible answers but which challenge us to become empowered enamel artists. Topics include science, techniques, design, creativity, expression, and of course, confidence. Let Ricky guide you along YOUR enamel journey as you discover your enamel quest.