Workshops are not yet available.

The estimated launch date for the first Workshop is December/January.

These are priced individually and are a separate charge from your Enamel Channel membership.

In Workshops, Ricky provides guidance, coaching, and support through the Enamel Nation Community.

Ricky's Two Day Cloisonne´Workshop

This is the original Introduction to Cloisonne´Workshop which I used to teach as a two-day event in my studio and expanded into 5 days for "Guild" workshops across the USA. I've expanded the content to include sections on design, creativity, and expression.

Students learn the basic steps, tools, materials, and process which I use to make my cloisonne´ enamel pieces on fine silver.

This includes:

  • Creating a Fine Silver "Canvas" to hold my wires and enamel colors.
  • Bend, apply, and fire my cloisonne´ wires into place.
  • Build up my enamel layers using transparent colors and opalescent white enamel.
  • Apply and fire "filler" layers of clear enamel (flux) to build up the cells to the height of the wires.
  • Grind and Polish my enamel surface to create a "gem-like" finish.

This workshop is designed to be completed in two days, but you can work at your own pace.

The "Enamel Color, Layers, and Light" Workshop

This course is based on the 5-day workshop I teach at crafts schools, guilds, and in my own studio. It includes Cloisonne´ Enameling, enameling on copper and fine silver, developing what I call my "enamel architecture" of layers which includes transparent, opaque, and opalescent enamel.

This online version allows me to add in many of the exercises which I don't always include due to time constraints. What I normally compress into 5 days becomes 5 weeks of lessons, exercises, and tutorials in this online version.

It is designed for students at all levels, from beginners to advanced. Each lesson is designed to not only present information but to challenge you to observe and ask questions on increasingly deeper levels. I think of this course as the foundation for everything I do when making my own enamel jewelry.

Lessons include:
  • Enamel Science and Principles
  • Enamel Basics: Prepare, Apply, and Fire enamel
  • Enamel on Copper and Fine Silver
  • Silver and Gold Foils
  • Enamel Layers
  • Color Gradations
  • Use and Combine: opaque, transparent, and opalescent enamel
  • Cloisonne´ with a contemporary approach
  • Finishing your enamel surface
  • Learn and Develop your "enamel vocabulary"
  • Experiment and Play
  • Translate visual imagery into enamel imagery