How do I cancel my subscription?
Click on the Dashboard link on the top menu. Choose "Billing".

There you can cancel your subscription or change how you are billed (monthly or annually)

Can I view the videos on my cell phone or tablet?  

Yes, you can!

I forgot my password. How do I reset it?

Yes, on the Sign In page you will find a link which says "forgot password". Click on that
to receive the instructions.
Can I download the videos?

No, the videos are available to view on the desktop site or the app with a paid subscription only.

You cannot download them from the site.

I haven't signed into my account for a while, can I get a refund?

Learn to Enamel TV does not issue refunds for partial months or unused subscriptions.

Once you cancel your account you will no longer be charged the $11.99 monthly fee or $108 yearly fee.

Can I cancel my annual subscription and receive a refund?
No, your paid subscription will run through your annual billing cycle.

You can cancel it at any time but you will not receive a refund for unused months. This is why you received a discount!

Can I change the speed of the video playback?

Yes, there is a small gear at the bottom right of your player. You can speed it up or slow it down.

Can I save something and make it easier to return to later?

Yes, you can click on "Add to Favorites" to create a new Category at the top of the Catalog called "Favorites". However, it will not resume playing where you left off last time you were watching.